Ambassador of BiH to Norway met with the former US Vice President Al Gore

Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to the Kingdom of Norway, Nedim Makarevic, met with former US Vice President Al Gore during the annual conference of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum 2018 in Oslo.

Ambassador Makarevic thanked Mr. Gore for everything he did for BiH, both as vice-president during the administration of President Bill Clinton, as well as in his private capacity, and said that this would not be forgotten in BiH.

Gore said that during his career he had many difficult, sad, but also happy moments.

As he pointed out, BiH was the theme in his career that consolidated all these three aspects.

Firstly, these were difficult and sad periods during the war, and then a sense of happiness when the war was over.

In a conversation with the BiH diplomatic representative in Norway, he pointed out that he was sorry that certain problems still exist in BiH, which, in his opinion, are very much solvable, and depend only on political will.

Former US Vice President, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, wished BiH and its citizens all the best in the future, and added that Bosnia and Herzegovina remains in his heart, Federal News Agency Fena reports.



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