Bosnian Children attending Supplementary School in Birmingham marked Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust


Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and prevention of crimes against humanity is an international day of remembrance to remind us of all the victims of the Nazi regime during World War II. This day is celebrated all over Europe, and the date of the celebration was elected to be 27 January.

On that occasion, on school premises Bosnian home in Birmingham, present students, teachers and parents had the opportunity to watch a short documentary “Words to survive.” This film shows the testimony of Helen Aronson, who survived the Holocaust and Safet Vukalia ć, survivor of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After that, teachers Azra Basic and Eldin Bolic have held a workshop with students, trying to explain the meaning of the Holocaust, genocide, referring in particular to the genocide in Srebrenica.

The main message of celebrating this day is the children how important it is to get acquainted with everything that happened during World War II.

As the history would not forget, and such a tragedy from happening again, it is the memory of the victims to convey to younger generations, to try to understand the past in order to condemn every genocidal behavior.

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