How much did the Municipality of NG invest in the repair of Roads?

municipalityMunicipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo has invested 1.386.000 BAM in repair and asphalting of local and uncategorized roads and squares in the past year.

About 4.5 kilometers of road was asphalted, and the works were conducted as part of the investment and regular maintenance of local and uncategorized roads.

More than 35 streets in 14 local communities were included by the project, and complete reconstruction of Trg zlatnih ljiljana in Dobrinja, as well as Trg Solidarnosti from number 1 to number 31 in the A phase of Alipasino Polje was done within this project.

Also, the damaged panels on the central square in the C phase of Alipasino Polje was repaired, where the complete reconstruction will take place at the beginning of the construction season.

Sanitation and reconstruction of roads were also done in following Sarajevo settlements: Aneks, Hrasno, Saraj Polje, Svrakino Selo, Alipasino Polje, Boljakov and Buca Potok, Brijesce, Naselje heroja Sokolja, Dobrosevici, Zabrdje and Reljevo.

With realization of these projects, the majority of the citizens of these streets got asphalt next to their houses for the first time, while only damaged pavement was repaired in some streets, as announced from the Municipality of Novi Grad.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)


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