Jobs with Pakistan to bring a Billion USD to BiH?

Jobs with Pakistan, like the development of a self-propelled howitzer, could bring a billion USD to Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the Ambassador of BiH in Pakistan, Nedim Makarevic, who added that the slow development of this project “is pushing” the people of Pakistan towards other weapons producers.

He also noted that there are excellent bilateral relations between the two countries, which was confirmed by the three-day visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif to Sarajevo in December last year when the prototype of the self-propelled howitzer by the company Bratstvo from Novi Travnik was presented to him.

Ambassador Makarevic already noted that there is a possibility for BiH “to become the gateway to Europe” for Pakistan. He explained that his idea could bring even more than a job with a howitzer to BH economy and our country itself.

“The idea is that their industry, which is dealing with problems related to export quotas, moves their production plants in BiH where the labor force is more expensive, but there are no export quotas. Industrialists would get visas for staying in BiH as they lead the company, while they are paying up to 300,000 EUR for it in Bulgaria or Hungary,” said Makarevic.

One of his projects on strengthening relations between Pakistan and BiH was realized these days. A school center, named after the first President of the RBiH, was officially opened in the Punjab province (near Pakistan’s border with India).

Ambassador Makarevic noted that other cooperation projects between BiH and Pakistan are currently taking place as well, such as the construction of a ‘Bosnian villa’ in the Gwadar port as well as projects of scholarships for students from BiH.

The Ambassador of BiH is standing behind the project of a villa in a port located near the border with Iran, which can be approached by the biggest tankers due to the deep gauze.

“It is an object that occupies 500 square meters, where businessmen who are visiting our embassy, as well as other officials, can stay for free. Currently, I am also negotiating about the land in the business zone of the Gwadar, where we could build our business center that would be used not just by BH companies, but companies from all over the Balkans region as well, ” concluded the Ambassador of BiH to Pakaistan, Nedim Makarevic.

(Source: akta.ba)


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