Lilium Digital: Company inspired by innovation and technology

Advertising on the Internet has become an essential part of business for all companies that want to stay current with technology and trends and want to achieve success. However, in terms of technological development, our country is much behind other countries in the region, let alone in the world. Yet, there are experts in this area in our country and they say that online advertising is on the rise.

Lilium Ltd. is a digital marketing agency founded in 2016. A young team which practically grew up with the development of modern technologies such as Google and Facebook saw a great potential in digital marketing and decided to start a business. Their enthusiasm for technology and advertising platforms as well as their hard work helped them establish a cooperation with over 250 domestic and international clients from different industries.

– This is a great success for the domestic market, especially if we take into account that we started from scratch. At the beginning, we offered Google and Facebook advertising services to our clients but we soon added new services to our portfolio, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter advertising. Later we realized that there was a large number of potential clients who did not have a website for their business, so we formed a team of developers and began to offer web development services, too. Then we realized that there is also a high demand for mobile applications, so we hired young professionals who would be in charge of mobile app development. Nowadays, we provide Viber advertising services too, as well as intranet software implementation services. We are constantly developing our services in order to improve our clients’ businesses with their minimum engagement and optimal use of the budget for communication and advertising. Helping companies reach their full potential is what truly fulfills us and what helped us grow to 17 dedicated employees in just two years. Still, this is just
the beginning and the best is yet to come. – said Semir Musić, a certified Google AdWords Specialist and one of the co-founders of Lilium.

Apart from providing advertising services, Lilium is a socially responsible company oriented towards education and training of young people interested in digital marketing. From the very beginning, they are putting a lot of effort into raising awareness of the importance of this type of advertising.

One thing they are proud of is their Google partner badge which they earned this year and which confirmed their expertise in the field and their good marketing practices. However, their greatest acknowledgement is a large number of satisfied and loyal clients. Lilium works with both small and large companies on the domestic market, helping them achieve their
business objectives. A strong cooperation with the most successful companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina is what helped Lilium grow and establish itself as a market leader. Nonetheless, these young people never intended to restrict themselves to the domestic market only. Shortly after they gained domestic companies’ trust, they made their first international partnerships.

Nowadays, they cooperate with numerous companies from Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, New Zealand and USA. With enthusiasm and commitment they have, it seems that there are no boundaries.


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