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With Mojbrend.ba webshop dress trendy but stay unique and buy smart.

Mojbrend.ba webshop is authorized for online sale and distribution on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina by representatives of the above fashion brand companies: Modna kuća Eleganse Ltd. and Fashionteam Ltd.

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The following are interesting information about the US POLO ASSN, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein brands that you can find in the Mojbrend.ba offer: 

Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, part of the PVH Corporation, are one of the world’s largest fashion companies.

The reasons for the great results and the growing popularity of American brands are in the good strategy, spectacular fashion shows and collaborations with a number of celebrities, which brought them positive publicity.

The general presence of the Tommy Hilfiger brand among young people represents marketing success and provides an image of the brand that characterizes the American fashion industry.

Until year 1993, this brand mainly based its offer on jeans. To this day, jeans have “survived” numerous transformations, but have retained the original “jeans look” with a quality blend of cotton, polyester and elastin.

Today, the Tommy Hilfiger brand also relies on an extremely wide range of footwear and clothing. Hilfiger additionally made a good marketing “boom” by collaborating with the famous model Gigi Hadid. The brand has thus combined street wear with high fashion, with special fashion lines “GIGI” and “ICONIC”. In addition to Gigi Hadid, the brand has a contract with Luis Hamilton, as well as the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team in Formula.


The Tommy Hilfiger brand has invested heavily in marketing activities. It can even be said that they invested the same amount of money for marketing as for clothing development. In 1986, Hilfiger appeared in a New York Times article posing as “a natural and handsome American with the right dose of charisma.” After his first collection for young people, which included an oxford T-shirt and knitted blouses, the first Tommy Hilfiger boutique in Manhattan was opened, clearly highlighting the name Hilfiger. A billboard that appeared in Times Square at the time was further evidence of such a thing, and it included “Four great American designers for men are RL, PE, CK, and TH,” representing the initials Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

Following the competitors, Hilfiger further expanded its franchise by opening a large number of boutiques that represented the American style of clothing. Signing licenses around the world and offering a wide range of products such as underwear, perfumes, home decorative elements, jeans, women’s clothing, children’s clothing … 

Unlike other big names in American fashion, Hilfiger embarked on hip-hop street style, making him the most impressive designer of the 1990s.

Hilfiger has always been interested in music and saw the potential of musicians who could dictate fashion trends. He even designed stage costumes for Mick Jagger and Sheryl Crow and, among other things, wrote a book called “Rock Style: How Fashion Moves to Music”.

However, Hilfiger’s greatest success in the world of music happened in 1994, when rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg appeared at an important event, “Menswear Designer of the Year”, wearing a rugby T-shirt with the inscription “Hilfiger” along the sleeves. The next day, the aforementioned T-shirt model was sold-out all-over New York, and Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts became very popular.

In 1995, even the biggest censors recognized the quality and success of the brand and, together with the Association of Fashion Designers of the USA, awarded the Tommy Hilfiger brand award which was another confirmation that this American designer succeeded in his intention to build a brand by putting his name and logo on clothes. What set him apart from other American designers was the fact that he completely adapted his marketing campaigns to urban style and youth.

One thing is for sure – Tommy Hilfiger has changed consciousness and raised the quality of the fashion industry, while setting the standards of contemporary American fashion.


The brand was founded by Calvin Klein together with its business partner, Barry Schwartz, in 1968. In the eighties, Calvin Klein, sewing his name on the back pocket of his trousers, created a design detail from the most ordinary jeans for every wardrobe. Global sales of Calvin Klein retail products exceeded $ 8 billion in 2015 and were distributed in over 110 countries. Calvin Klein employs more than 10,000 associates globally. PVH Corp. has owned the brand since 2003.

Calvin Klein is a global lifestyle brand that symbolizes bold, progressive ideals and seductive and often minimalist aesthetics. CK strives to excite and inspire audience by using provocative images and striking designs to ignite all the senses.

After nearly 50 years, Calvin Klein continues to be a cultural catalyst around the world by embracing tensions, challenging ideas, and creating unforeseen realities. They believe in a culture that evokes discovery and bold thinking, as well as try to positively influence the world. They encourage passion in people, represent authenticity and accept individuality.

The main heroes of the legendary advertising campaigns of this American brand were Mark Waldberg, Cate Moss, Justin Bieber, the Kardashian family, Paris Jackson, the heirs of Cindy Craford – Kaia Gerber and Presley Gerber.

U.S. Polo Assn.

United States Polo Associate is the full name of the famous American brand U.S. Polo Assn. which has existed since as far back as 1890. It emerged as a sports brand relying on the history of Polo as a sport in royal and noble circles.

The brand presents comfortable and modern clothes and footwear inspired by Polo game. The specific and refined sports style has remained a feature of this brand even after so many years and dominates in all collections. They offer collections for men, women and children of any age, and U.S. Polo is a favorite brand among young people and families.

U.S. Polo is particularly recognizable for polo shirts for women and men, overall, shirts made of quality materials.

U.S. Polo follows refined elegance and modern style that represents the comfort and simplicity of everyday life.

Apart from Bosnia and Herzegovina, this brand operates in more than 130 countries around the world, and is particularly recognizable through its classic polo shirts.

With Mojbrend.ba webshop dress trendy but stay unique and buy smart. 🙂

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