More than a hundred recommendations for imporvement of the investment environment in BiH

(Neum, April 26, 2018) On the second day of the 4th Energy Summit in Neum, a document containing more than a hundred recommendations for improvement of the investment environment in BiH and the Guide for Investors in the electricity sector in BiH was presented, thus simplifying the permitting procedure for the construction of the energy generation facilities to investors. 

The preparation of these documents included the expert working groups along with the technical support from the USAID Energy Investment Activity project and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), through its project “Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources in BiH”. The panel regarding the energy generation infrastructure construction in BiH focused on finding the optimal solutions for the implementation of these recommendations. 

Recommendations are grouped at different levels – from strategic ones such as: the adoption of the missing strategic and spatial planning documents, through legal ones such as: harmonization of laws with EU directives and mutually, introduction of an e-permitting system and a one-stop-shop bodies (issuing permits at one point) to sub-legal such as the adoption of the missing regulations. 

At this moment, for the construction of an electricity facility in BiH, a 20 permits are required in average, in 100 steps, for which the outcome is at least two, and in practice often more than five years away. It is clear that due to the complicated, non-harmonized and non-transparent investment environment, Bosnia and Herzegovina remains underutilized. 

“The Investor Guide will significantly contribute to easier facilitation of the interested investors in the energy sector in BiH because it will provide them with the necessary information on all permits, competent authorities and procedures in one place. While the proposed measures and recommendations are not adopted and implemented in practice, this Guide is necessary for potential investors in the electricity sector in BiH », stated Ognjen Markovic, Chief of Party of the USAID Energy Investment Activity. This year’s Summit is organized under the auspices of the following media; BHRT, RTVFBiH, RTRS, Oslobođenje, Nezavisne novine, Dnevni list,, i 

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