Ms Lisica: every Grain of the Sand tells a thousand Years old Stories

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Ms. Lisica, you are a unique artist in not only B&H but abroad. Can you tell the Sarajevo Times how your love for painting with sand started?

By education, I am orientalist, turkolog and arabist. So, my love for painting with sand came over the sand dunes described in the classic Arabic poetry. I started to love the desert before I saw it. Classic Arabic poems, so called “Al Muallaqat” was describing life of the beduins in the desert, between sand dunes far from oasis, difficult but even nice life, full of love for the family, love for  horses, camels…and also love for fighting. Then my love for the sand and painting with it started just  next to the beginning of the poem of Imr-l-Qays when he says to his two friends: “Stop here to cry remembering my love and her home, that was recently here between the sand dunes of the unlimited desert..” When I went first time to the desert I just felt as I am part of the poems and took the sand with me and started to paint. Paint the stories. Stories from the Arabian deserts.

Why have you decided to paint with sand from different countries and combine them? Is there any special reason behind that decision?

My painting is connection between melody of Arabic language and the sand grains. So my painting telling stories from Arabian part of world.  After my first visits to the Arabian countries, first as student and later as TV reporter (Egypt, Libya, Palestine..) I was collecting the sand and was painting my remembrance eg. Morning in Tripoli, Detroyes houses in Gaza, Graveyard in Jenin,  lemon tree in the garden in front of one destroyed house in Rafah,  nomadic habitat  in the middle of the desert. thirst of the desert…

Where does you inspiration to paint come from?

Now, I am more than 7 years in Arabian Gulf…I have the desert here like on my hand.  I like to go to the desert, I live it, smell it, feel it. Then I remember old Arabic poetry…simply every grain of the sand tells a thousand years old stories, especially when you know well the history of the place…then inspiration starts to grow up and I paint.  Desert sand is special, different, colorful, from the white sand of the Mediterranean, reddish and small grain sand in the Libyan deserts to bigger grain and more reddish in Rub al Khali desert in Saudi Arabia,  dark grey around the Mecca, yellowish and brownish in the United Arab Emirates, or dark beige sand in Qatar.

Every one of your paintings has a story. Can you single out one or two and tell us the story behind it?

As I said in the beginning, my inspiration was classic Arabic poetry. Now, every painting tells us a story from the place that the sand I took from. Painting “Town of the secrets” made with sand from Yemen tells a story about Queen Belqees who was reigning over Yemen ones upon a time. Painting “Al Dir’iyya” tells a story about  beginning of establishing Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Painting ” A whiff of the history” tells about one old trade town in the north of Qatar that the time over years covered by sand. Painting ” A Fight” tells a story about life of Palestinians and their constantly fight for survival, in the middle of the painting is a stone from one destroyed house in Gaza. There are also some Qur’anic themes as painting ” Call for dawn prayer”. There is some special peace in my paintings, the peace that I feel while watching it, like the peace in the painting “A desert night”

You are an international artist. Can you explain to the Sarajevo Times where you have held exhibitions so far?

I had many individual and common exhibitions in B&H, United Arab Emirates, Qatar..

Because of  my unique technique that I use for painting, I had a pleasure to have exhibition in Emirates Palace, so called Golden Palace in Abu Dhabi under the patronage of the Minister of higher education  in UAE, also all my other exhibitions in UAE and Qatar held under the patronage of the ministers or municipalities. Once, I was invited by Western region Municipality in UAE to have exhibition in the middle of the desert, as part of the camels festival. That was very specific experience. The last exhibition was in Doha, opened by Minister of culture of Qatar…and many other exhibitions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Sanita Lisica is Bosnian diplomat in Qatar. By education she is orientalist, turcologist and arabist, as well she has master degree in Arabic language. She is ex reporter in BHTV in Sarajevo.  Inspired by desert and Orient, she is drawing  desert themes on the artist canvas. She had many individual exhibitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, United Arab Emirates, Qatar…

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