Take a Look on Situation with Water Levels and Possibile Floods

flood 1Due to heavy precipitation water levels of all rivers in the Federation of BiH are high.

Regular flood protection measures have been taken in flooded area of river TMT and river Vrioštica in Ljubuški.

Water level of river Sava in Posavina Canton is also rising.

Water level on dam HA Modrac in Tuzla Canton was 199.26 cm at 7.00 hours, and spillway point is 200 cm.

Water level of rivers in area of Zenica-Doboj Canton is rising. Water level of river Bosna was 340 cm at 8.00 hours, with tendency of rising.

Landslide was triggered in local community Željezno polje, in Čole.

Civil protection team is currently on the ground. Mechanization has been engaged to repair the landslide.

Minor flooding of river Bosna has been registered.

Water level of river Sana was 293 cm in Sanski Most municipality at 07:00 o’clock, and critical point is 380 cm.

Water level of river Drina and its confluents is mildly rising, but there is no danger of flooding.

Meteoalarm in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton issued an orange warning for today. After yesterday’s precipitation, water level of rivers is significantly rising.

Due to heavy precipitation in Sarajevo Canton, water level of rivers Bosna, Miljacka, Željeznica, Dobrinja, Zujevina and Tilava is higher and there is increased danger of floods in area of the Canton, especially in municipalities of Ilidža, Novi Grad, Vogošća and Ilijaš.

Bosna River has flooded greater part of village Osjek.

Around 100 houses are endangered. Roads Pejton-Otes and Butile-Bojnik are disrupted, Operations Center of the Federation Civil Protection Administration stated.


(Source: Fena)

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