The Profit of Domestic Vispak at Half-Year amounts to 1.2 Million BAM

Vispak Profit 2015 vipromo.baIn the first six months of 2015, Vispak JSC Visoko achieved a profit after taxation amounting to 1.2 million BAM, reported on the basis of the financial report of the company published at the Sarajevo Stock Exchange.

In the same period last year, net profit amounted to two million BAM.

In comparison to the same last year’s period, Vispak increased operating revenues by a third, from 15.6 million BAM to 20.8 million BAM, which is a result of increased sales on the domestic and foreign market.

Operating expenditures amounted to 19.1 million BAM and are higher than in the same period in 2014, when they amounted to 13.3 million BAM. Higher purchase value of sold goods and higher material costs mostly affected the increase in operating revenues.

Profit from operating activities amounted to 1.7 million BAM, as opposed to 2.3 million BAM in the same period last year.

Vispak JSC is in majority ownership of the company AS Ltd. Jelah-Tesanj with 88.3 percent, and it employs 155 workers.


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