The news portal “Sarajevo Times” was launched in November 2012, and is the product of determined and ambitious young people.

”Sarajevo Times” is currently the only Bosnian portal that reports news from Bosnia and Herzegovina in English,  at the same time respecting European standards of professional and objective journalism.

The portal offers objective, accurate and timely information, and promotes positive and encouraging elements within our society, working primarily for the welfare of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our goal is to promote positive values, people, activities and events from BiH, in order to contribute to a better image of our country.

We follow current events in the fields of politics, business, entertainment and sports.

Apart from that, the goal of this project is to ensure sufficient media coverage related to the membership and possible accession of BiH to the European Union. We want to focus on the analysis of every diplomatic step that BiH takes or should take on her path to the EU.

We will also try to take the initiative of focusing on individuals or groups who may try to jeopardize, disable or slow down the process of the Euro- Atlantic integrations of BiH.

Sarajevo Times is visited mostly by English-speaking employees of foreign international organizations and companies located in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Our readers are important to us, so if you have an idea, suggestion, criticism or praise you may contact as at redakcija@sarajevotimes.com or syzejna@gmail.com and we will try to respond in the shortest time possible.

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Sarajevo Times Team