Traffic on the Main Road M-18 Tuzla – Bijeljina Suspended

granični prelaz ŠamacDue to the damage of the bridge near Tobut, the traffic on the main road M-18 Tuzla – Bijeljina is suspended. Passenger and smaller cargo vehicles can use the road through Tobut and Priboj.

The traffic is also still suspended on the part of the main road M-18 Dobro Polje – Miljevina, and the alternative way is via Rogatica and Goražde.

On the main road M – 16 Jajce – Banja Luka (in Lučina), due to construction works related to landslides, the traffic is slow, in one lane.

On the other roads in B&H, there are no longer delays for the moment.

The traffic at the border crossing Doljani is increased, the waiting is up to 1 hour and 30 minutes at the exit from B&H.

The drivers going in the direction of Makarska or even more on the north should use these crossings: Zvirići, Bijača, Crveni Grm, Gorica and Orahovlje while those heading via Dubrovnik should use the crossings Čepikuće or Ivanica – was announced at BIHAMK.

(Source: Fena)

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