Ambassador Sattler handed Respirator and Anesthesia Machine to Hospital in Prijedor


“The European Union was built on the basis on solidarity and we are happy to share this solidarity with our closest partners who are on their way to the European Union,” stressed Ambassador Johann Sattler, Head of the Delegation of the European Union and EU Special Representative in BiH during his visit to Prijedor and Banja Luka today.

Ambassador Sattler visited Dr. Mladen Stojanović hospital in Prijedor, which will receive a high quality respirator and anaesthesia machine and protective equipment that will be of significant help to the work of the hospital. The equipment is part of overall EU assistance to BiH in the fight against COVID 19, worth €7 million.

“We have been able to show solidarity in this unprecedented health crisis we are still going through and I am especially happy we are able to provide support to the whole of BiH, including equipment to the clinical centers in major cities as well as smaller communities, such as Prijedor,” said Ambassador Sattler.

Alen Šeranić, Minister of Health of Republika Srpska emphasised the importance of continuation of support provided by the European Union, noting that 23 ventilators are to arrive for hospitals across Republika Srpska, “We are continuing our cooperation with the European Union. Every donation is very valuable and will be of great help in our work in the upcoming period, especially during the winter,” said Minister Šeranić.

Ambassador Sattler also visited Kuljani, near Banja Luka, where 48 families received keys to their new homes, thanks to the Regional Housing Programme, whose biggest donor is the European Union. “I am especially happy to be joined by Anđa, Željko and other beneficiaries today. I see a lot of happy faces and am very happy that the EU was able to provide a small contribution from our side to create better living conditions for you. This means one thing: The European Union is the most loyal partner of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” stressed Ambassador Sattler.

Željka Cvijanović, the President of the Republika Sprska noted that the success of the programme is evident in the successful joint cooperation between all levels of government and the continued support from the European Union. “I wish all the beneficiaries a pleasant and successful life. Today is an opportunity to celebrate your success in resolving your housing issues and is an example to all of us in terms of successful cooperation, in good as well as difficult times,” said President Cvijanović.

The European Union has so far allocated 64 million euros to the Regional Housing Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina, supporting the construction of 1,600 housing units, while an additional 1,600 are to be built by the end of 2022.


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