Becirovic: We are witnessing an open Beginning of the Attack on the constitutional Order of BiH

“It is possible to reach an agreement on changes to the Election Law if the actors are ready so that no one gets the maximum so that not everyone is satisfied, but so that no one is extremely dissatisfied,” said Lazar Prodanovic, SNSD delegate in the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

“When it comes to the position of the SNSD on this issue, we also think that all BiH citizens should be given the right to run for certain positions. It is necessary to find a solution that is in line with that, not to question constitutivity in any sense or the implementation of all judgments related to BiH. I definitely think that their implementation will send a clear message to the Council of Europe, the Venice Commission, the European Union (EU) that we are ready to reach a solution. Last year when the agreement on the elections in Mostar was reached, I think it was a great compromise. We need to see what the proposals will be to come to a solution. Let’s not be suspicious and say that this question, if we are talking about legitimacy, is related to legality. So principles should be respected in which no one will be marginalized in any way, nor in which anyone will take the right to elect a representative for someone else. “

He noted that the decisions made by the RS National Assembly will not be against the BiH Constitution.

“It will be in accordance with the Constitution of the Republika Srpska (RS). It would be good to reach a solution that, in any sense, would not cause suspicion. No one will prepare anything to be against anyone in BiH. We will do everything while respecting the Dayton Constitution of BiH. If such a session is held. “

The delegate of the SDP in the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, Denis Becirovic, pointed out that in BiH we are witnessing an open beginning of attacks on the constitutional order of BiH.

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing a policy that is not good, first of all by Dodik in which he is trying to completely destroy the Dayton Peace Agreement and unilaterally leave the Dayton Peace Agreement. I am telling him publicly – if there is no Dayton Peace Agreement then we go back to the state which was legal before that Agreement, and that is the Agreement Of the Republic of BiH because the current Constitution of BiH begins and ends with the Republic of BiH. Article 12 of this Constitution of BiH stated that the amendment to the Constitution of the Republic of BiH is amended in the way it was done in Dayton. So, if there is no Dayton, if everyone in this country thinks something can be done unilaterally, without jurisdiction to decide on state authorities and state institutions, this must first be commented on as a unilateral abandonment of the Dayton Peace Agreement, and then there are two fronts that must react. The first front is the side of the BiH state institutions, prosecutor’s office, constitutional court, etc. On the other side, there is the international community, High Representative (HR), the EU Special Representative, the United States (U.S.), key Western countries, etc. BiH will certainly survive as a state, but,unfortunately, we are stagnant in all this and we have threats that are completely unnecessary for the people in this country. Instead of turning to the questions in BiH why we have a demographic collapse, why Serbs, Bosniaks, Croats, and others are leaving BiH, why we are not developing the economy, we,unfortunately, have to face such things that are not of interest to anyone in BiH. They reject foreign investors, have a bad effect on the economy, endanger the security of ordinary people who are already living hard without these crises. I believe it is abouttime to end this dangerous practice because it could be a unilateral abandonment of the Dayton Peace Agreement. “


Source: BHRT

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