BIH Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs at Annual Meeting of RCC in Ohrid

ATB-RCC1The BiH Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ana Trišić-Babić participated at the annual meeting of the Council for Regional Cooperation (RCC) that was held in Ohrid, where she stressed the importance of regional cooperation and the overriding influence on countries that are on the path to European and Euro Atlantic integration.

The RCC General Secretary Goran Svilanović and the Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Poposki on behalf of the country that is currently presiding over the process of cooperation in Southeast Europe (SEECEP) attended the meeting. They spoke of the latest developments in the area of regional cooperation in Southeast Europe and the challenges that the organization expects.

Member states of the RCC stated that the RCC has a key role in regional cooperation and on this occasion the Council endorsed the strategy for the period from 2014-2016 and an annual report of the RCC General Secretary Goran Svilanović.

Trišić-Babić emphasized that the strategy and program were well and ambitiously thought of and that its implementation should be seriously considered.

BiH supports the work of the Council and its role as coordinator of regional initiatives, even if in recent years it has iniatied many projects that have not been realized, according to a statement.

Trišić-Babić emphasized the importance of strengthening economic cooperation, increasing trade, and movement of goods and capital for countries in the region that are in transition and that are not members of the EU, especially given the current economic situation and the accession of Croatia to the EU, announced today the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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