BiH’s Border Police seized 38 Kilograms of Marijuana

The Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Border Police seized nearly 38 kilograms of marijuana, about 200 grams of heroin, cocaine and speed in the first half of the year, was told by the police agency to SRNA news agency.

Border police recalled that on May 4th, at the border crossing Gradiska, the smuggling of 26.8 kilograms of marijuana was prevented, which was discovered in Mercedes car by Croatian license plates at the exit from BiH.

A BiH and Croatian national has been arrested and charged with the criminal offense of Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs.

In the Gacko area, on June 7th, another prevention took place during the control of Passat, with a Montenegrin license plate, revealed 10 kilograms packed in 12 packages and hidden under seats. A report to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH was filed against citizens of Montenegro.

The Border Police also cited a case from June 19, when they left 200 Danish grams of heroin, hidden in several Chevrolet locations, at the Croatian border crossing Zvirići, which was hidden in several Chevrolet locations.

Among the significant seizures is the one on January 27th, when 1,500 tablets of heroin, found on a bus at the Gradiska border crossing, were temporarily seized and three people were arrested.

Border police said 42 crime and drug offenses were recorded in the first six months of this year.

A total of thirty-seven official reports were submitted to the competent prosecutor’s offices in BiH and 46 persons were reported, 42 of whom are BiH citizens and one citizen of Montenegro, Austria, Slovenia and Iran.

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