Border Police prevented the Smuggling of Goods and 47,500 EUR

goods2Members of the Border Police Visegrad prevented smuggling of larger quantities of goods and 140 boxes of Marlboro cigarettes without tax stamps, in the border zone in the area of Rudo.
One part of the goods belonged to the unidentified persons who, when saw our officers, thrown away goods and departed in an unknown direction.

“The second case was recorded at the road between Mokronozi – Uvac during border checks of the car Yugo with B&H registration plates, in which was found a quantity of goods without the necessary documentation. The vehicle was driving M.S. (1969), citizen of B&H. The value of the goods that were found is estimated on about 7,000 BAM. Goods were handed over to officials of ITA B&H,” as stated by the Border Police.


Members of the Unit for Support and Control of Field Office Northwest Gradiska prevented the illegal transfer and temporarily confiscated 47,500 EUR.
(Source: klix.ba)

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