Bosnian Wunderkind recorded a New Single in the USA (Video)

wunderkindTwo years after moving from Germany to the United States, a young singer originally from BiH Azra Begic also known as Caylana, has a new single.

The girl known as “Wunderkind” (miracle child) is making a comeback with a great new single “No Happy Ending”.

The discovery of her talent happened back in September 1994, when her mother entered the room and found her then four-year old daughter in front of the TV screen singing with Whitney Houston on MTV and holding hairspray as a microphone.

Then started her incredible musical journey and she won many competitions and awards throughout Europe. She got the nickname “miracle child” and became a national celebrity in BiH and abroad.

While trying to realize her musical dreams she left Bih and started cooperation with renowned German artist, producer and songwriter Not Profane, and she achieved several million views on her music videos on his YouTube channel.

Her current trip led her to the United States where she is working on her musical career.

Take a look at the video.

(Source: klix.ba)

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