Brave Babyboy Arslan Kulacic passed away in the Hospital in Istanbul

Little boy Arslan Kulacic, who united the good people of BiH in their effort to help him with the treatment of his brain tumours, passed away on Tuesday in the hospital in Istanbul.

“Our little lion passed away. The God Almighty decided that this is the best solution for him and we thank Him for it. We will pray for the health of all of you who have been with us and helped us in any way. God knows that we took all of our strength and power to survive the most difficult moments from there. We pray dear God to award us with heaven and to allow us to meet there with our Arslan.”

Baby Arslan was diagnosed with brain tumour at birth and he had a surgery at the UCC Tuzla when he was only four months old. Unfortunately, the tumour returned and baby Arslan had another surgery in Turkey, which took place in January this year.

(Source: klix.ba)


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