Chinese New Year celebrated in Sarajevo with a Rich Program and Fireworks

Xinhua Haris Memija (1)Chinese New Year was marked last night in Sarajevo by performance “Sretna Kineska nova godina (Happy Chinese New Year)” that was performed by Sichuan Youth Art in Sarajevo National Theatre, which was preceded by fireworks.

Organizers of this event, which was attended by Chairman of the Presidency of BiH, Mladen Ivanic among others, are the Ambassador of People’s Republic of China (PRC) in BiH, Chen Bo, and the Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo, Elmedin Konakovic.

Artistic ensemble from the Chinese province of Sichuan with their repertoire “Sretna Kineska nova godina (Happy Chinese New Year)” performed for the first time in BiH. This cultural project started in 2010 and performed on all worlds meridians so far, and with the help of Ministry of Culture of PRC and Embassy of China in BiH, an audience in Sarajevo got a chance to enjoy in their performance as well.

The first performance, which was created by Professional Art College in Sichuan and won numerous awards for it, was called Hua Dan. One of the classical characters in Chinese opera is a girl who becomes a woman. Beauty, nobility, and charm of female character, pretty and elegant roles in traditional Chinese opera can be, despite the language barrier, felt in its whole loveliness and plentitude.

The audience had a chance to see a performance with drums as well. Chinese people in Sichuan have special traditions, and some of them are related to traditional instruments such as drums and luogu.

The last night’s program, among others, included performances of Chinese acrobat and performance of Sichuan opera.

Xinhua Haris Memija (4)The dance of Uyghur girls was particularly interesting, performance in which dance rotation from Xinjang shows the beauty of Uyghur girls, members of one of 56 nations in China, and performance which combines dance and opera, where performers use “water sleeves”, which is specific to this local type of opera.

At the end, the audience was presented with unique art of Chinese symbols – Chinese calligraphy.

Chinese New Year is one of the most important feasts celebrated by Chinese people in PRC, and worldwide.

This event, by which the Chinese New Year was marked in such an impressive way for the first time, was attended by numerous guests from the cultural, public and political life of BiH and a large number of representatives of diplomatic bodies.

(Source: photo:Xinhua/Haris Memija)

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