Construction of the Fast Road Lasva-Nevic Polje to start soon?

PE Highways of the FBiH tasked IPSA Institute from Sarajevo to prepare the contract on the main project preparation for the fast road loops at the section Vitez-Nevic Polje and preparation of the project documentation that is required for the start of the construction of the fast road Lasva-Nevic Polje (exit from the business zone Vitez-Nevic Polje) and Seliste – Entrance to the business zone Vitez.

The value of this contract amounts to 98,600 BAM without VAT.

Last year, the Government of FBiH issued a Decision on determining the public interest for the construction of the fast road Lasva – Nevic Polje in the length of 24,385 kilometers. The user of the real estate expropriation requested for its construction was PE Highways of the FBiH Ltd. Mostar.

Moreover, the Government of the FBiH adopted the Decision on determining the general interest for the construction of fast road Lasva – Vitez – Donji Vakuf in 2014, and since two years passed since the deadline in which the expropriation process was supposed to be started, a new decision on establishing public interest was adopted, which represents a legal requirement for start of the expropriation process.

The fast road Lasva-Nevic Polje is part of the new expanded European network of fast roads, the-so-called Route 2A Lasva – Travnik – Jajce – Banja Luka. Lasva-Nevic Polje (Travnik) is the first section with the length of 23.6 kilometers and its value was estimated at 183 million EUR.

(Source: akta.ba)



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