Continuation of Investment in “Oil Refinery” in Brod

Rafinerija-nafte-B.-BrodThe Director of “Optima Grupa” Aleksandar Dijakonov announced that investment in the oil refinery in Brod will continue.

He recalled that 130 million euros have been invested and that a development plan requires new investments.

“These investments are necessary, because we wish for our products, apart from the superior quality, to be produced in an economically profitable process and with the maximum ecological standards’’, said Dijakonov for “Nezavisne Novine”.

He said that the goal is to increase the share of getting lighter products in production, and to further decrease production losses.

He expects that, according to the development plan, the “Oil Refinery” becomes a profitable company by 2015 and the first indicators are expected this and next year.

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