Court of BiH: There are no Grounds for Detaining Fikret Abdic

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced that it did not order the arrest of Fikret Abdic on the basis of an Interpol warrant issued by Croatia because it is a criminal offense for which he is wanted from 2001.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina stated that they had received an Interpol act stating that Croatia had issued a warrant for Fikret Abdic on suspicion of committing a criminal offense in that country in 2001, noting that the 2012 interstate extradition treaty did not apply to 2001 criminal offenses.

“By its act, Interpol suggested to the Court that the claimed person is a citizen of BiH and, which is legally relevant, that the criminal offense for which he is wanted is from 2001,” the Court said in a statement.

It was noted that Interpol itself states that the interstate extradition treaty does not apply to the 2001 criminal offenses.

Accordingly, they point out from the Court of BiH, and based on the principle of economy, the competent, duty judge did not order the apprehension of the requested person.

“The principle of economy and efficiency dictates a justified use of resources and time, so in this case there was no need or reason for court proceedings, nor for the production of costs on the basis of lawsuits due to unjustified deprivation of liberty,” the Court states.

The statement adds that equating this case with other escrow cases in some media articles is incorrect and completely legally unfounded.

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