Direct Link between Tel Aviv and Sarajevo to be established soon?

Bosnia and Herzegovna’s (BiH’s) Federal Minister of the Environment and Tourism Edita Dapo spoke on Friday with representatives of ISRAIR airline company, one of the three largest in Israel.

During the meeting in Sarajevo, it was spoken about the possibility of opening of direct air link between Tel Aviv and Sarajevo with the aim of improving relations between the two countries in tourism.

This type of cooperation has been established with other countries in the region – Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and and has produced excellent results, ISRAIR representatives said during the meeting.

It was emphasized that Sarajevo is a destination that can be attractive to tourists, including businessmen from Israel as well and that there is a lot that connects the two countries – from historical memory, experience and tradition, to unique natural and cultural-historical landmarks.

This idea was supported by both interlocutors because there are no outstanding political issues between the two countries, and expressed confidence that this form of cooperation could be established for mutual benefit.


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