Do You know the Story about Dayton Child?

Children born before and after the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement in 1995 are called the “Dayton children” in the local areas, and on this day was also born a young man from Sarajevo, now a student of Faculty of Economics, who – as he says – wants to stay in BiH, although he is not the happiest with what this country has to offer.

Semir Memic was born on the 21st of November 1995. He got this name because of the peace agreement which came into force on the day of his birth. Today he is a student and to this day he is happy because on his birthday is celebrated peace as well.

“First I was supposed to be Amar, but since I was born on the day when the Dayton Peace Agreement was signed, my parents decided to give me the name Semir (which means peace). That’s why my name is Semir”, said Semir Memic.

Thus, this special birthday means a lot to him. Semir revealed that he was raised to be one of those who would advocate peace, and perhaps in front of him is a future that will bring peace in the true sense. He believes with a lot of optimism and hope that BiH will be a happy country for all of its citizens.

“The situation is not very good. Bad things are happening every day. Black chronicles are unfortunately full and it is difficult to be satisfied. It is very hard to live in our country. There is a lot of the unemployed people regardless of the fact that they finished their studies, but I am an optimist. I believe that it will be better in the near future,” he said.

Every part of BiH, the birthday boy Semir, considered as his. And although he was born in another, now to some people even promised land of Germany, he says that he wants to stay here.

“Honestly, I’d love to stay here. Although I was born in Germany, BiH is my homeland and I believe it will be better here in the future. I am optimistic,” he stated.

Optimism for Semir, and many young people in BiH, is what in some way prevents them to go elsewhere, but instead, to build a lasting peace, full of energy, youth, serenity, stability and shared life, in which everyone will be part of the mosaic of a happy life.

(Source: N1)

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