Džeko told Pellegrini: I Have to Play More, I Can Do Better

Edin_dzeko_man_cityEdin Džeko, B&H football player and Manchester City striker asked his manager Manuel Pellegrini to give him more chances to prove himself on the field.

A recent analysis of journalists from showed that Džeko spent more time on the field with Italian expert Robert Mancini than with Manuel Pellegrini during the same period in two different seasons.

In the last two years, he led the fight for a place in the high set with Balotelli and Tevez, and this year Alvara Negredo represents a problem for him, who works well with Kun Aguero.

‘’If I were to play more, that would be better for me and the club. I know that there are many players and that they all need a chance, but I have to play more. In the Premiere League this season I played only four games from the start. I played well in the first game of this season, but I did not score. In the second game I gave a goal, but my manager replaced me and I do not know why. Also, in the third game he sent me to the bench at half time, although I do know why. Granted, we played badly in the first half and then, of course, all responsibility is on the attacker’’, said Džeko.

He said that he really wants to play more than he does now and believes that if he were to receive more playing time, he would show all of his skills.


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