Emotional Video of a Little Boy and his Father who works in Germany


A few months ago, Elvir Bajramovic from the city of Cazin went to Germany in search of a better life.

He left his family in his hometown until he provided himself the accommodation, and when he gets ready, they will join him in another country.

Elvir’s absence is the hardest thing for his eight-year-old son, Emel.  Emel is a wonderful boy who loves football and trains at the “Talent” Cazin School and he had not seen his father for three months.

Recently, he traveled to Zagreb for an international tournament where he saw a big surprise. His father managed to get a free weekend and traveled 600 kilometers in one direction to cheer Emel and his team on the tournament, although he had to return back immediately after the tournament.

The emotional encounter of father and son after months of separation was captured by an emotional recording that made many cry.”I play for the club, but now I play for my father, too,” Emel said.


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