Exclusive: Discovery of Tesla’s Torsion fields above the Bosnian Pyramids

pyramidsWritten by: Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.

Abstract: The energy phenomena registered above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun summons a different definition of the pyramids instead of the conventional, dogmatic explanations. The pyramids are energy amplifiers which have been sending and receiving information through the Sun. The discovery of the Tesla’s Torsion Fields above the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, travelling faster than the speed of light, withholding energy while passing through the cosmic bodies, empowers the concept of the existence of the Cosmic Internet providing almost instant, intergalactic communication in the Universe.


Fifteen years ago, in my books, I wrote about the role of Mayan’s as the “cosmic watchmakers” and a civilization whose goal was to harmonize our Planet’s frequency with the Sun’s. This hypothesis I had, for the time being, Wikipedia Editors used as the “argument of discrediting”.
My researches and arguments that the pyramids were constructed all over the world and that the oldest ones are also the superior have led to the situation in which the Egyptologists built up the hostility wall in my direction. My assertion that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the oldest in the world has provoked the reaction of the world’s most influential Egyptologist, Dr. Zahi Hawass, and banning us for many years the access to the leading scientific TV channels in the world. Our evidence of the oldest concrete of the best quality in the world which has been discovered on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the existence of the largest network of the prehistorical tunnels have caused the written petition of the European Archeological Association against our research.

Of course, the time and the scientific arguments prove that we were right and they were wrong.

Therefore, the new history is getting written, not only of the Europe, but the whole World as well.

But, it’s not only that the history books are wrong inside our education system. We are taught wrongly, or to say it better, programmed, with all of the basic knowledge.

The physicists, astronomers and geologists… persist with the assertion that the Big Bang Theory created the Cosmos out of nothingness and that today it’s expanding rapidly. The biologists still support the Darwinism and incline that the life is created from inorganic matter, that the evolution is the cause for the wildlife development and that the Human originates from a monkey. They were wrong. The life originates from the intervention on our Planet. The species are changing over a long period of time through the experiments in which the evolution plays a small role and the Homo sapiens is the result of the genetic engineering. And, of course, we aren’t the first or the most developed civilization in the Planetary history.

Philosophy, physics, mathematics and the engineering insights can explain the Cosmos, the creation of our Planet, and the life on Earth. But, along with the conventional knowledge, it is necessary to de-programme and open up to the spiritual knowledge and the sacral geometry in order to understand the energetical essence of all living and unliving matter

Let’s put us in the role of the Creator of Cosmos. We start creating a large number of the galaxies from the centre of the Universe. At the present time, the assumption is that there are about 400 billion galaxies in our Cosmos. These assumptions on the number of galaxies tend to rise in several past decades.

Each galaxy has many star systems. For example, in our galaxy the Milky Way it’s estimated, up to ten years ago, that there were 100 billion stars. However, we speak about 400 billion stars now. Amongst these 400 billion is also our Sun.

Each Star has several planets. We are, for example, the third Planet in the Solar System. Furthermore, planets have moons sometimes one, sometimes dozens, etc.

Let’s go back to the Creator’s role. If we’ve created such immense and complex system with an almost endless number of cosmic objects we ask ourselves how to manage them, how to monitor the condition of all objects, how to set up an efficient communication system?

The Einstein’s physics teaches us that the fastest speed in the Universe is the speed of light. 300,000 km/s is almost about enough for our earthly terminology. But, for the light to travel from the Earth to the Sun it takes almost eight minutes. This is rather slow. To reach the second nearest star it would take almost ten years for the light to travel. Far away in the galaxy, the light would reach the stars in a few hundred or even a few thousand years. The travel to the many of other galaxies would acquire much more time.

The speed of light would be very impractical and too slow for the Creator to have the communication with all of the cosmic “subjects”.

Is there a speed greater than the speed of light? According to Einstein, no object with the real mass inaction could travel at the speed of light. However, to the whole new wave of the independent researchers, the limitation of the speed of light isn’t the obstacle for a faster speed existing. A German physicist, Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl says that the neutrino particles are able to travel faster. He spoke about that in Visoko to our team in 2014.

For many other researchers, among which the most prominent is Nikola Tesla, scalar waves, or standing waves, created in torsion field interaction are travelling at faster speeds than the light. It’s estimated to be 10 billion times faster speed than the light’s. Thereby, the torsion fields can move through any other cosmic body (planets, suns) without wasting energy. This means they are able to travel at great velocity, transfer information/energy, and that there’s no loss of the quality and the quantity of the information.

Ideally is to have at the both ends two producers (generators) of the energy which are mutually communicating through Tesla’s Torsion Fields (Waves). The information transfer is almost instant between two distant parts of the Cosmos, and the information doesn’t lose on its quality during the transfer.

Many elapsed cultures on our Planet have regarded the Sun as “the Father”. Today, the archaeologists are trying to interpret the ancient beliefs and in a simple way interpreting the relation of some nations towards the Sun, as the “divine service” and the “sacrifice offering”. It’s the historical mistake to claim that the Mayan’s have sacrificed their captives to the Sun God. Mayans didn’t perform the offerings, but they’ve had respect for the cosmic Father. The Sun isn’t giving us only the heat and the energy, therefore, the life itself, but it’s also giving us information, refines us and acts on our DNA. Short gazing at the Sun during sunrise or sunset is medicinal for us on the physical and spiritual level.


The pyramid is the most powerful of all geometric shapes in terms of the energies. If located over the potent energy spot the pyramid becomes the energy amplifier. Under the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, there are iron plates (generating electromagnetic field), underground water flow (releasing negative ions), and the second one, deeper underground water flow, creates the electricity together with the one from the above. Also, we find the natural magnetism, Orgone energy… These energy phenomena can be measured with our scientific instruments. But, how can we measure the energy phenomena for which we haven’t yet developed the scientific instruments?

During the archaeological excavations, we’ve discovered great amounts of quartz crystal on the surface of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. It’s also found in the underground tunnels and most probably it can be found under the Pyramid itself. It’s well known that the quartz crystal is receiving and then amplifying the energies. The cavities (the underground tunnels) also amplify the energy. The spiral layout of the seven-leveled tunnel inside the Pyramid leads to the acceleration of the energy travel and to the amplification of its intensity. Finnish researcher, Mr. Sci. Mika Virpiranta found that there are 26 volcanic lines leading towards the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Namely, if the Pyramid is lying on the line that connects two volcanoes than it’s lying on a volcano line. In the case of the Bosnian Pyramid, 15 of 26 lines have three, four or five volcanoes on the line. This fact, again, points out the importance of the location in Visoko, because the volcanoes are followed by the energy sources: lava, iron, crystals, minerals…

If we add up the very precise layout of the Pyramids in Visoko (equilateral triangle between the pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon, and another triangle between pyramids of the Love, Earth and River Fojnica) and the applicability of the other elements of the sacral geometry (“Flower of Life”, irrational numbers, Fibonacci formula) then there is no doubt that all of this contributed to the development of an energy complex of great power which we’ve named the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. Its original boundaries might never be discovered; not only five or possible eight pyramids as we think today, two or three tumuli, two levels of underground tunnels.

The energy flow had greater intensity and it was much stronger. Our Planet was stronger and healthier in the Past, until the global catastrophe manifested and the last Ice Age occurred 12,000 years ago.


Research of the physicists, electrical engineers, anthropologists and sound engineers on the energy phenomena over the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, as well as on the other pyramids, tumuli, Ravne 1 and Ravne 2 Tunnels, along with the comparison with other natural hills around Visoko have been taking place since 2010. The teams from Croatia, Italy, Finland, Serbia, Germany and other countries have discovered, among other, the existence of energy beam over the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun with the frequency of 28 kHz, which is focused and continuous.

In September 2016, an international team from Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, led by the engineer Goran Marjanović from Belgrade, went one step further. They have mounted the instruments on a drone and took it 50 meters above the Bosnian Pyramids. During the flight, it went horizontal every 10 meters, on all four sides of the world.

The electrical field was measured over the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. After two months of information processing, the engineer Marjanović had two revolutionary conclusions:

The energy beam over the pyramid top, with the previously established radius of 4.5 meters, is expanding in radius and getting stronger. It’s strongest at 21.3 meters above the pyramid, after what it gets weaker intensity when at 43.3 meters it has the same value as at the null point, on the ground. Or, in Engineer Marjanović words:

“The image shows the “E” field signal recording in a horizontal flight registered at 43.3 meters in the ninetieth second of the flight. The recorded value VRMS (Median Value/Median Square) on this “spot” is 156 mV and it is very close to the value measurements on the ground at the 0 position, 0 seconds of flight, with 150 mV. It is very interesting that during the takeoff (from position 0 to 1) the “E” field signal recordings grew along with the changes in height and afterwards dropped down to the value it had at the position 0. The more detailed description shows that the registered intensity of the field is the biggest at the 20th second of the flight, during the takeoff, at the reached height of 21.3 meters. The synthesis of the recorded values and the “E” field intensity allocation analysis in vertical and horizontal flats allows us to conclude that the energy field above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has the shape of an oval, uneven ellipsoid with the biggest density of the energy at the height similar to the virtual height of the Pyramid. The represented “waviness” in relation to the intensity and the orientation, in the wave mechanics terminology, would be appropriate with the affirmative interferent process terms, i.e. amplitude “composition”, and the phases of the particular energy fields, and the constitution of “3D Standing Wave”, ie. complex Scalar (torsion, axion, spinor, micro leptonic …)”.

For many years, we have wondered about the orientation of this energy beam: is it directed towards the particular solar system (Orion, Pleiades, Alfa Centauri, etc.) or towards the particular planet in another solar system? The Earth’s rotation of 462 m/s doesn’t give enough time to focus the beam to a particular cosmic object or eventual information transmission. However, the findings of Goran Marjanović’s team gave a completely logical explanation for the beam’s direction. Namely, Marjanović found the following:

“The VRMS analysis of the registered values during the horizontal flight, at about 40 meters of height, indicates slightly raised values in the south-southwest zone what indicates that the beam is slightly inclined in the direction of south-southwest.”

Considering that the measurements were performed at noon and during the afternoon it is logical that the energy wave was following Sun’s movement. This is convincingly the largest cosmic object. Therefore, the communication between the Earth and its star is ongoing, during the most of the day.

The research performed by this team lead to the following conclusion:

“The 3D structure of the energy fields over the locations 1-Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, 2-Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, 3-The Bell Tower Hill, has a similar configuration analogue with the scalar field term, in the shape of an oval ellipsoid with the maximum density on 21.3, 25 and 13 meters, respectively. The represented “waviness” in relation to the intensity and the orientation, in the wave mechanics terminology, would be appropriate with the affirmative interferent process terms, i.e. amplitude “composition”, and the phases of the particular energy fields and the constitution of “3D Standing Wave”, ie. complex Scalar Wave or Torsion Field.


The Cosmos with the endless, quick and efficient communication couldn’t exist if it’s filled up with a vast number of black holes which are expanding and consume all on its way. Such Cosmos couldn’t exist too if it is filled with never ending vacuum in which there are no particles which facilitate the transport and communication. Therefore, the designed system with the existing communication needs another kind of a definition of the Cosmos and its elements.

The creators of the electrical cosmos idea, in which everything is based on electrical particles, have been gaining more supporters because they explain in a logical way almost all the cosmic processes. They don’t start the story with the irrational “Big Bang Theory”.

That’s what is rational is the existence of super-fast and super-conductivity Cosmos, without the internal discontinuity and black holes. The Cosmos is limitless and behind everything is the cosmic mind, the Creator. It created the Universe we have been given, with a greater attention to the monitoring of the processes and the state (vibrations) of all cosmic entities. Besides ours, it created endless numbers of other universes, and in order to visit them, it would be necessary to take a cosmic dimensional leap.

We are all just a part of the cosmic Internet together with all other cosmic entities in space including our Creator. The information transmission is almost instant regardless of the fair distances.

Thereby, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, on our small mother Planet, is a link in the cosmic Internet.


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