No Information on Killed BH Citizens in the shooting in Munich so far

shootingThere is no official information on the injured and killed in the shooting that happened in the afternoon in Munich, so it is still unknown whether citizens of BiH were in the shopping center ”OEZ” at that time.

This information was confirmed by Chief of the Office of Public Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH, Nebojsa Regoje.

“These are the figures which are in the possession of the Consulate General of BiH in Munich,” said Regoje.

He says that police will report the names and the official number of injured and killed today, as it was said from the police to the Consulate General of BiH in Munich.

According to latest information, the death toll in the shooting at a shopping mall in Munich increased to 6 people.

Police blocked the city after the shooting at the mall, and witnesses said they saw three armed persons.

Several persons were injured.

Evacuation of the main train station in Munich took place as well.

(Source: klix.ba)

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