Fence around the Martyr Cemetery Kovači for the Protection from Stray Dogs

cemeteryMinister for Veterans’ Affairs of Canton Sarajevo, Muharem Fišo, announced that temporary fence will be placed around Martyr Cemetery Kovači in order to protect the complex and its visitors from stray dogs.

On this occasion, Fišo held a meeting with the director of the Sarajevo Canton Memorial Fund, which is in charge of the protection and maintenance of cemeteries of martyrs and fallen soldiers, memorial centers and memorials of the genocide victims, Nurudin Džiho, and project designer of the conceptual design of the complex “Kovači,” Namik Muftić.

“We specified the activities that are necessary for starting the works. Our aim is to prevent further desecration of graves and frequent attacks of stray dogs on the citizens who are visiting cemetery. Funding for the works are allocated from the current budget reserves and the works will start as soon as the procedure of selection of contractors is completed, “said Fišo.

According to Fišo, the cemetery will remain enclosed until an adequate solution for the problem of stray dogs is found, and once the fence is removed, it will be used for fencing of other cemeteries where it is necessary.

“The initiative for the fencing of the Martyr Cemetery Kovači was started by the Association of organization of families of fallen soldiers of the Sarajevo Canton and Stari Grad Municipal Council, and the approval for this initiative was given by the Government and the Parliamentary Assembly of Sarajevo Canton,” as announced by the Press Service of the Sarajevo Canton.


(Source: klix.ba)

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