Films “Eternal Flame” and “Father” Won Rewards at Student Film Festival in Kazakhstan

SONY DSCAt the Student Film Festival “Bastau”, which was held from October 16 to 21 in Alma Ata (Kazakhstan), students from the first private film school in BiH and  the Sarajevo Film Academy were awarded with two rewards. The film by Gorčin Zec “Eternal Flame” was rewarded for the best documentary film while the second special award of the jury was given to Nedim Karalić for the short film “Father”.

“Gorčin Zec and Nedim Karalić won a tough competition since more than 30 film academies from 22 countries participated in the film festival, among which are the United States, Great Britain, France, the Czech Republic, Poland…,” professor and mentor of these students at the Sarajevo Film Academy Nenad Dizdarević told FENA.

Festival “Bastau” is one of the best student film festivals in the world and the Sarajevo Film Academy was the only film academy that received two rewards.

“The reason why films ‘Eternal Flame’ and ‘Father’ received awards is the idea for the film – the script and the way they were done,” said Dizdarević, whose students showed that the plan and program which he made for the Sarajevo Film Academy are a very good method.

In the documentary film “Eternal Flame” Gorčin Zec shows what is happening in the course of one year at the memorial named Eternal Flame in Sarajevo.

The short film “Father” by Nedim Karalić is a story inspired by the war in BiH in which a father is trying to find the remains of his dead son.

In addition to the five student films from the Sarajevo Film Academy, who were in competition at the festival “Bastau”, Dizdarević had the opportunity to introduce the first private film school in BiH.

The Russian movies “Concept” received the first prize of the festival “Bastau” and Dizdarević said it deserved it.


(Source: Radiosarajevo)

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