Former UN Security Council President Diego Arria visited Potocari

Former President of the United Nations (UN) Security Council, Diego Arria visited the Potocari Memorial Center on Saturday.

Arria was welcomed by employees of the Memorial Center and representatives of the Association of Mothers from Srebrenica and Bratunac at the cemetery of the Memorial Center, where he gave honor to the victims of genocide with a minute’s silence, and then visited the cemetery and memorial wall with the names of victims of genocide in Srebrenica.

He first visited Srebrenica in April 1993, following a massacre at a school playground that killed more than 70 people and injured more than 100, leaving human remains on the playground’s iron fence at the time of his visit.

Recalling that visit, Arria explained it was the first time he had seen something he could not believe in, the remains of children killed while spending time carefree playing on the school playground.

”Every time I return to Srebrenica, after my first painful visit in April 1993, I feel in some way better as a human being because I look at brave people, for example, mothers, daughters I met, and families of victims who were massacred here in 1995, and it is easier for me when I see that they are better and stronger. When you look at the horrible things that have been done here, you know that the world knew what was going on so many years ago, but they were looking in a different direction, ” Arria told.

After visiting the Museum and going through the Center’s exhibitions, Diego Arria talked to mothers who, among other things, asked if the world could have done more to prevent the genocide in Srebrenica.

Diego Arria spoke during the war about possible crimes and that the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) could and should have been prevented.

”I said back then in Srebrenica, in 1993, that we would protect the people in Srebrenica, and we did not do that. I felt ashamed. That is why I’m here today. That is why I will never forget you. I had the best intentions then, and the only contribution I can make now is that I will not forget your courage and fight for justice. I am trying to influence a better future with my actions, taught by your tragedy, I am creating a better future so that the rest of the world would not feel the pain that you felt here, ” added Arria, as announced from the Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial Center, Federalna writes.


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