Government in Una Sana Canton to Provide Assistance after Storm

In the storm, which hit the area of ​​Una-Sana Canton yesterday, one person was killed and great material damage was caused. The state of natural disaster will not be declared, and the City of Bihac announces that it will provide assistance to the citizens who suffered damage.

In just 10 minutes, a strong storm left behind fallen trees, destroyed roofs, and some places without electricity. Citizens are still in shock.

“A strong wind blew and it all broke in ten minutes. It broke all the electricity in the neighborhood. Four houses do not have electricity, people have refrigerators in their house since yesterday “, said citizen Izet Piralic.

In the coming days, there will be a summary of the damage which, and it is now evident, will be great. Although there are no conditions for declaring a state of natural disaster, the City of Bihać will provide assistance.

“We are informing our citizens that within eight days from the day of the damage, they can report it to the competent service via an adequate form.

“When a sufficient critical mass of these requests is gathered, the commission that already exists will go to the scene and start determining the damages, “said Assistant Mayor Edin Kulenovic.

“Three people were injured in Bihac, of which the first to come were the ones with serious bodily injuries. The resuscitation service was called, the patient was transferred to the shock room, but unfortunately, a fatal outcome occurred. Two more people were received from Bihac. One is housed in the neurosurgery department, is currently being treated as a condition with minor bodily injuries, one person has been returned home. In addition to three people from Bihac, two were received from Cazin and one each from Velika Kladusa and Buzim “, said the head of the” Dr Irfan Ljubijankic “Irma Arifovic.

Citizens do not remember such a storm. As it was said from the Bihac Meteorological Station, a stronger wind was recorded only in 1962.

“Bihac and the entire Una-Sana Canton were hit by a storm. A stormy wind was blowing at a speed of up to 103 km / h, which is actually a class of hurricane storm that is rare in these areas “, pointed out meteorologist Velira Memic.

The storm, which lasted less than half an hour, left traces in the area from Velika Kladusa to Kostajnica.

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