How Many kilometres of Highway were built in RS and FBiH in the last Mandate?

By the opening of a new 25-kilometer section of the Banja Luka-Doboj highway, Bosnia and Herzegovina now has more than 200 kilometers of modern roads. Approximately 95 kilometers are being used on the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 105 kilometers in Republika Srpska.

However, it should be taken into consideration that there are 10 kilometers of unused motorway in FBiH, which is located in the northernmost section of A1 motorway between Svilaj and Odzak.  And, if this is considered, then RS and FBiH have almost the same number of kilometers, and there is a difference of two kilometers in favor of RS.

In the last mandate, there was an increase in the mileage in Republika Srpska, where 72 kilometers of the new highway were opened on two occasions. On the other hand, in the FBiH, new kilometers of motorways have not been opened since October 2014, hence since the last general elections.

On the journalist’s question of whether there were no new kilometers built in FBiH, authorities answered that the authorities holding the last mandate are responsible for it.

The Prime Minister of the FBiH Fadil Novalic recently said that his government, whose mandate expires at the beginning of 2019, waited for the documentation for the construction of highways from the previous government in 2011, which justifies the lack of completed kilometers.

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