‘In the Name of the Rose’ Ballet to be performed Tonight

The play “About Bears and People” by author and director Sasa Anocic, which talks about friendship, love and attitude towards our loved ones, was performed on Saturday, March 6, on the stage of the National Theater in Sarajevo.

“All the characters have acquired some “damage” throughout their lives. This “damage” in some situations drives them to behave like bears. But that doesn’t mean they’re bad people. Not even that these couples, in fact, love each other. They just become “bears” – in doing so they are thought to become rude and difficult to their neighbors. And we know that bears somewhere, deep under the fur, hide their good heart… Otherwise, not every child would have one,” it is pointed out in the statement.

The play stars: Mediha Musliovic, Aleksandar Seksan, Minka Muftic, Milan Pavlovic, Nerman Mahmutovic, Sanela Pepeljak, Aldin Omerovic, Merima Lepic Redzepovic, Vedran Dekic, Isa Seksan, musicians Adnan Cico and Mirza Balic.

On Monday, March 8, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy a meaningful ballet evening “In the Name of the Rose” performed by the soloists and ensemble of the National Theater Sarajevo Ballet. 

The program will include songs from the famous ballets “Carmen”, “Krcko Oraščić”, “Sleeping Beauty” and the evening will be complemented by a performance of the ballet “Awakening” choreographed by Belma Ceco Bakrac to the music of Toni Toplan.

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