Institute warns on Great Risk of spilling of Rivers in Federation of BiH

The Federal Hydrometeorological Institute hydrology department warns that there is a risk of spilling certain rivers from the basin due to the weather conditions predicted.

This refers to Neretva River (Drežnica, Lištica, Buna and Bunica, Trebižat, Bregava, Krupa), Cetina River Basin (Sturba, Žabljak and Bistrica), Kupa River (Kladušnica, Mutnica), the Une River, the upper part of the Bosna River Basin (Zeljeznica, Zujevina, Fojnicka rijeka, Lašva).

For now, all water levels in the Federation of BiH are within normal limits and there is no spillages.

The Decision on proclamation of a state of natural disaster caused by snowfall is still in force, for Livno, and the municipalities of Kupres, Glamoč, Bosansko Grahovo, Drvar and Tomislavgrad.

In Kladanj Municipality, the Decree on proclaiming a state of natural disaster caused by high snowfall remains in force, the Federal Civil Protection Administration stated.

Agency for Sava River Basin in Sarajevo for the next two to three days expects to increase water levels in the Sava River Basin in the FBiH, especially in the Una-Sana Canton, the middle and upper streams of the Bosna River and Vrbas River with the possibility of reaching the level to declare floods.

This is particularly active for Una and Sana River basins, the town of Bihac and the Kljuc and Sanski Most municipalities, the upper part of the Bosna (Žuznica, Zujevina), the River Fojnica, the Lašva basin and Bosna River in the upper part of the basin and the upper part of the Vrbas river basin.


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