Is this the Most Interesting Price List in Sarajevo?

funnyThis case is a proof that the owners of restaurants have a quite sense of humor.

Specifically, in one cafe shop in Sarajevo, on the wall is hung “additional price list” with humorous content, in which is stated that, besides the usual drinks from price lists, some other things are charged as well.

On the price list is stated following:

  • Nothing, I’m in a rush – 0.70 BAM
  • I’m just waiting for a friend – 1.00 BAM
  • Just to finish up my cigarette – 1.20 BAM
  • Just a glass of water – 0.90 BAM
  • I’m just looking for someone – 0.30 BAM
  • Just to charge my battery (100%) – 2.5 BAM
  • Just a coffee, I’m in a rush – 1.5 BAM
  • Can you restart the router, for God’s sake – 0.70 BAM

The owner of this restaurant came on this idea due to frequent requests and excuses of customers. What do you think about this move?

(Source: faktor.ba)

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