International Arabic Language Day manifestation

The importance of Arabic language, its roots and roles were emphasized last night at the Cultural Center ” King Fahd” by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Eid Al- Thaqafi, the director of the Cultural Center and the Attaché for Culture, Professor Khalid Ad-Damigh and the Grand Mufti Husein Kavazović.

The International Arabic Language Day manifestation was attended by the officials of the Cantonal Ministry of Education and Science, a great number of foreign ambassadors in B&H, Professor Ejup Ganić and the Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Husein Panjeta.

After a brief introductory note, Ad- Damigh presented the history, aims and goals of the center ” King Abdullah” from Saudi Arabia. The Grand Mufti in B&H Husein Kavazović officially opened the exhibition of calligraphy.

There were also round table discussions on the themes of the current state of Arabic language in B&H, where they also emphasized the issue of the absence of teaching staff for the Arabic language. They also discussed other issues such as the difficulties in learning Arabic language, and the improvement of the collaboration between the Cultural Center ” King Fahd” and professors of Arabic language, public institutions and the NGO sector.

On this occasion they also said that now officially there is a need for organizing communication courses in Arabic language at the Cultural Center. Besides the communication courses for students, the participants in the discussion talked about the need for more educational courses and seminars for professors in the field of ”Contemporary methods of learning Arabic language”.

One of the conclusions of the round table discussion is that there are initiatives for the introduction of Arabic language to schools as well as the organization of financial support for all professors of Arabic language at the Cultural Center ”King Fahd”.



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