International Day of Arabic Language to Be Celebrated at the Center “Kralj Fahd”

sarajevo_kralj fahdCultural center “Krajl Fahd” will organize tomorrow in Sarajevo a series of activities from the field of culture, science and art on the occasion of marking international day of Arabic language.

International day of Arabic language will be celebrated at the center. Workshop for experts of Arabic language on the topic “The reality of teaching Arabic language in B&H in the light of the theory of language acquisition” will be held at this center , followed by an exhibition.

A cultural meeting on the topic “Relation between Arabic and Bosnian language and their mutual influence” with speaker professor Jusuf Ramić and moderator Zehra Alispahić will take place. Also the selection of winners and certificate award for participants of the competition “The visual representation of Arabic language” will be held, announced the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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