What the Introduction of New Passport Booklets Implies?

passport“Namely, passports will not be changed but the new passport booklet will be introduced in Bosnia and Herzegovina from October this year”, explained the spokeswoman for the Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IDDEEA), Amila Opardija .

When asked why the introduction of new booklets has to be implemented, Opardija says that the country, namely Bosnia-Herzegovina has undertaken to carry out improvement of security system of personal documents. All this has to be done in the framework of the visa liberalization process and it has to be in accordance with the recommended standards of relevant international organizations and the EU.

“When compared to current passport, the new booklet has a safer way to enter the data into a booklet and a chip. These data will be enrolled in the multilayered poly-carbonic page with a color image. However, with the introduction of new booklets, the validity of passports that are currently in use will not be ceased. In addition, citizens and will not be obliged to replace the current passports and the current passports will not be determined until the date of their expiry”, said Opardija.


The validity of new booklets will be 10 years. Currently, the process of determination of the prices is done. The prices will not form a big difference compared to the cost of the existing patterns.


(Source: Fena)

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