Iron Picker got a job

Nazif Mujić, the best actor of this year’s Berlin Film Festival, and BiH iron picker got a job.

As promised, head of Tuzla Municipality Jasmin Imamović found the job for the best actor in Europe.

Mujić revealed that he got the job in the public utility company ”Pannonica” that takes care of Pannonian lakes in Tuzla, and he’ll start working in May.

Nazif Mujić and Senada Alimanović were in the hot spot of BiH and World public after the team of doctors from Tuzla refused to remove the dead foetus from Senada’s womb, because this Romany woman did not have 980 BAM, which was needed for the surgery.

BiH Oscar winning director Danis Tanović recorded a film ”An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker” inspired by Mujić’s story, which won several awards at the Berlin Film Festival, and among them was the Silver Bear for the best film.

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