Japanese Tea Ceremony to be held in October in Sarajevo

japanese teaJapanese ceremony of drinking tea, in the organization of the Embassy of Japan in B&H, in the cooperation with Urasenke branch from London, will be held on Sunday, 11th October in Sarajevo.

The tea ceremony will be led by the master Sokei Kimura from Urasenke branch from London. Sessions of the tea ceremony that will be held on 2.00 p.m., 4.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m., are consisted of the presentation, questions, answers and drinking tea.

The event will be held in Japanese, with the translation in English. Entrance is free. However, due to a limited capacity, all those who have an intention to participate have to register by sending an e-mail with their name, surname and the period of the session to the e-mail address until 2nd October.

The e-mail should be named: “Tea ceremony at (the desired session time).

Applicants will receive the confirmation of the participation from the Embassy no later than 7th October.

“Pleasure in the Way of tea lies in the expression and evaluation of the individual aesthetic taste. Also, through the Way of tea, it is being discovered how much the person is experienced and culturally aware“, as stated from the Embassy of Japan in B&H.

An event will be organized in the cooperation with the Association for the promotion of Japan and Japanese culture “Hanabi“.


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