K.Kozarić: 2013 should be the year of economy

First prognoses of the Central Bank of BiH show that 2013 should be better than the last year, because the overall growth could be around 1%, which is a slight improvement.

Governor of the Central Bank Kemal Kozarić in an interview to RSE said that BiH could expect significantly better results if the politicians work harder to use the potentials of BiH.

He hopes that BiH will have more stable political situation, which will enable the economy to be the most important issue in the country.

” BiH has some chances. Investments in the Corridor 5C, the energy sector, organic food production, tourism, are all topics that need to be discussed and used, so that 2013 becomes the best year for the citizens of BiH, because I think, they deserve it”, said Kozarić.

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