Lidl to enter the Market of BiH? 

lidlThe largest retail chain in Europe, the German Lidl, is considering the options for entering the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the supporting points for this information is that they have already purchased a national internet domain in BiH –

Rumors about the intentions of Lidl to enter the BiH market have been circulating for a while now, but the company never confirmed its intentions officially.

The fact Lidl purchased a national internet domain in BiH is not a solid proof that they will open retail centers in BiH soon, but it is a clear indicator of at least two things. First, it shows that Lidl carefully follows events in BiH and second, they intend to launch certain business activity in BiH sooner or later.

No internet website has been made on the domain yet. Visitors are redirected to Lidl’s international domain

Internet domain is often purchased beforehand, prior to the entering of one company on a foreign market, in order to avoid the possibility of someone else buying the domain with the name of the company and then trying to sell the domain at very high price, which happens often.

Lidl might purchase one of the already existing retail chains in BiH, but that is not the only option. This can be seen from the case of Serbia where Lidl, instead of purchasing an already existing chain, launched construction of a large number of their own facilities, and it is not excluded that the same will happen in BiH.

Lidl is going through expansion when it comes to this region, so entering the BiH market would be a logical sequence of events.



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