Ljubic: Amendments to the Election Law are the Beginning of resolving the Crisis in BiH

”The beginning of resolving the crisis that is currently present in Bosniaa and Herzegovina (BiH) is the amendment of the Election Law, and after the elections, future representatives should embark on further reforms for a better future of this country, ” explained Bozo Ljubic, President of the Main Council of Croatiaof the National Assembly of BiH.

Ljubic sent a letter to the United States (U.S.) Secretary of State,Anthony Blinken and European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, U.S. diplomats Gabriel Escobar and Matthew Palmer, and High Representative (HR) to BiH Christian Schmidt, as well as U.S.and EU ambassadors to BiH. In his letter, Ljubic presented his view of the causes of the crisis in BiH and proposed solutions.

As he said, the recipients of the letter should take his proposals seriously, so that future talks would be successful.

“I believe that, if we approach resolving the crisis in BiH in a constructive way and accept that BiH is a state of three constituent peoples, then there will be no problems in changing the Election Law,” Ljubic stressed.

Furthermore, he stated that the extreme concepts that are represented on the one hand by pro-Bosniak, ie pro-Bosnian parties, and on the other hand, parties from RS, present the big issue.

“The solution for preserving BiH is the middle path advocated by Croats, that is, the federalist concept and consociational democracy,” Ljubic told.

He mentioned that it is not possible to go below the basic principles on which BiH exists with the changes to the Election Law, without constitutivity and equality, and legitimate representation of all three peoples.

While commenting on the possibility for the HR in BiH, Christian Schmidt, to use the Bonn powers and impose a new Election Law, Ljubic said that this is not the way to a solution, but that all three constituent peoples should accept that BiH belongs to them equally.



Source: BHRT

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