Event “Free Days of the Knight Town” Buzim to started

The Free days of the knight town Buzim, an event that has been celebrated for 22 years in this heroic town in Krajina, started with commemorative activities yesterday.

As in previous years, the manifestation started with the solemn reception in premises of the Municipality of Buzim, and by visiting the turbe (mausoleum) of General Izet Nanic and killed soldiers of the 505th Knight brigade.

Today, on August 5, the program includes the visit to the place of the death of General Izet Nanic, and the 10th “Trip of Buzim Knights” will be started today as well. The rest of the program is rich in sports, culture and religious content this year, and the twelve-day manifestation will end on August 15, when the Solemn Academy will take place on the occasion of the 505th Knight Brigade.

Art salons, book promotions, tournaments in archery, soccer tournaments, volleyball tournaments, and many others are only some of the content that visitors will be able to follow in the next 12 days.

The Free Days of the Knight Town Buzim is a manifestation with which are remembered more than 500 killed soldiers and the courageous battle of Buzim soldiers in the defense of this region and the homeland of BiH for the 22nd time. The manifestation symbolizes the courage, honor, and dignity, as well as sadness and grief, since the war hero, General Izet Nanic, was killed in this month as well.

(Source: M. C./Klix.ba)

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