Many Tourists From Abroad Will Spend New Year in Sarajevo

Sarajevo_Nova GodinaAccording to current data, during the holidays the number of tourists in Sarajevo has significantly increased, and this is the most successful tourist season so far, said to Fena the Spokesperson of the Tourist Board for Canton Sarajevo Asja Hadžiefendić-Mešić ahead of the New Year celebrations.

In addition to foreign tourists, there will be a large number of B&H tourists from the diaspora who will spend New Year’s in Sarajevo, but who are not registered as tourists, but they take part in the revenues generated from B&H hospitality and trade.

‘’According to our information, exclusive accommodation facilities are reserved. A large number of tourists are coming from Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia, and most of the youth are coming from Dalmatia’’, said Asja Hadžiefendić-Mešić.

She confirmed that during the New Year in Sarajevo, there will be many guests from Germany, Austria and Italy.

Sarajevo citizens and tourists will have the chance to take part in the public celebration of New Year 2014, which will be organized on Trg Djece Sarajevo, and there will be an entertainment program by B&H musicians. The motto of tomorrow’s open New Year’s celebration will be ‘tropical night in Sarajevo’, and the visual identity will be in the context of the success of the B&H football team and their placement in the World Cup.

(Source: Fena)

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