Minister Marina Pendes: The Process of Registration of Military Property intensified

pendesMinister of Defense of B&H Marina Pendes stated that activities of resolving the issue of registration of military property have been intensified recently, which is a condition for the activation of the Action Plan for membership in NATO (Membership Action Plan – MAP).

“After a certain period of stagnation regarding this issue, I am very pleased to say that we managed to intensify this process in recent months, and so far, B&H registered 23 perspective military locations out of the total 63, in cooperation with the Attorney General and NATO in B&H,” said minister Pendes on the occasion of the Day of the Armed Forces of B&H (AF B&H) and the 10th anniversary of their organization.

Commenting on the question regarding the dynamics and progress on this issue, she reminded that it is the obligation of B&H, which dates from 2010 (the NATO summit in Tallinn), specifying that there is still significant number of locations in the various procedures within the process of registering, for which positive outcome is expected.

At the same time, she emphasized that the Ministry of Defense of B&H (MoD B&H) remains firmly committed to continue with registering prospective military locations, which are essential preconditions for the activation of MAP.

When it comes to activities of the Ministry of Defense and AF B&H that have marked 2015, Minister of Defense of B&H stated that there are many activities that marked the engagement of Ministry of Defense and the AF B&H in the past year.

“Activities that are related to the activation of the MAP to B&H are certainly in the focus, as part of the overall cooperation with NATO, as well as those activities of helping to civil structures, whether it’s about helping in cases of natural and other disasters, or helping in the organization of various events,” stated Minister Pendes.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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