The National Park Kozara to be revitalized?

national park kozaraMinister of Physical Planning, Construction, and Ecology of Republika Srpska Srebrenka Golic said that this ministry provided funds from the project of the Green Fund for Environmental Protection for technical equipment of the National Park Kozara with the aim of its tourist revival.

“The main directions of development are tourism and historical significance of this national park”, noted Golic.

Mayor of Prijedor Milenko Djakovic said that the National Park Kozara is located in the beautiful environment of Mountain Kozara and there are positive changes happening there every year.

Director of the National Park Kozara Dragan Roncevic recalled that this park was established back in 1967, and it has undergone numerous changes since then. He also stated that this national park occupies a total space of 4,000 hectares, and it contains a total of 900 herb species that have been registered so far. Research on that topic is still taking place.

He added that they are constantly working on attracting as many visitors as possible since tourists are visiting Kozara becaude of the beauty of nature and its content.

He also noted that last year’s visit of 103,000 visitors was a record one and that this year’s visit could be even higher considering the successful winter ski season.


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