National Park Una Opens the Way for New Investment

unaThanks to funds from the World Bank to the area of the national park Una, a lot has been done regarding infrastructure and supporting facilities. This gave the park a new look, and it has become an inevitable destination for tourists from the region and Europe, according to portal

The FB&H government adopted at its last session a report of the sector of the FB&H Ministry of Environment and Tourism for the realization of the project ‘Forest and Mountain Protected Areas’.

The source of funding for this project was the Global Fund for the Environment through grant funds via the World Bank.

The project, which included the national park ‘Una’, is completed, and was positively assessed by the FB&H government.

The aim of the project, which lasted three years, was to strengthen the institutional and technical capacity for the sustainable management of protected areas and natural resources. In addition, it also related to the expansion of networks of forest and mountain protected areas, among which is the national park Una.


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